31 08



Luxembourg, Place de l'Europe

LAGERKULTUR implements its debut appearance on August 31st within an elaborately conceived space at Kirchberg, involving internationally renowned artists Cleveland, D.E.T.90 and Katy De Jesus.

In this way, the project fulfils its cultural ambition to establish a progressive music scene in Luxembourg, while promoting alternative electronic music and including multiple art forms.




From Brussels comes Andrea Mancini aka Cleveland, born in Luxembourg to an Italian family, a music producer and DJ behind releases on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, and the Californian ESP Institute. His formative years started around the age of sixteen, inspired by some talented friends who were playing in local pop/rock bands.

During these years, his passion for experimenting with electronic music software, synths, and samplers emerged. As he moved to Brussels for art studies, he got deeper into the rich local scene thanks to some dedicated players sharing knowledge and passion with him.

In 2012 he eventually started his solo project ‘Cleveland’. The sound universe of Cleveland, though being broad, is distinctly recognizable. Built around “leftfield” tones and organic rhythms, Cleveland’s productions are subtle with a modern feel while keeping a focus on the dance floor through strangely elegant grooves. Andrea makes shadowy electronic music that’s full of suggestive, contemplative atmosphere that strikes a balance between carefully crafted loops that help the listener lose themselves, and a propulsive, party-starting side.



Michael Galetto is a Italian musician based in Luxembourg also known by the aliases D.E.T.90 and /vwaz/. He’s also behind the musical production for the duo SYNTHESIS with the artist, singer Deborah Lehnen. His early influences are Detroit Techno/House & Jay Dee. He did his first beats for luxembourg based argentinian rapper GODIÉ and also NEKFEU.


The first D.E.T.90 album was 2015’s «4 5 20 90», released on the french/american label CHEZ KITO KAT. In 2017, Michael created his own independent record label TRNST. and released 3 records, which are distributed by Lobster Theremin.

D.E.T. recently teamed up with Italian artist Edoardo « Cico » Inzolia to form the SYNTHWAVE group MIND ENHANCED WAVES. They together released two volumes on vinyl.



Katy De Jesus is a unique up & comer in the Berlin underground. She blends her Portuguese heritage and Luxembourgish upbringing with fresh inspiration from the German capital. With a true ear for rhythm, Katy’s sets focus on driving, hypnotic beats spliced with tripped out samples and the occasional rave classic. Her lazerlike command of the turntables guides the dancefloor through a captivating & seamless journey. Katy is a regular at « Rocas », « De Gudde Wëllen », as in off locations in Luxembourg’s electronic underground scene.

She’s steadily building her appearance catalogue throughout Berlin at underground hotspots like Suicide Circus, Chalet, Sisyphos, Anita Berber (...) and numerous illegal raves.

Additionally, she looks forward to diving deeper in production to express her sonic imagination. As a Family Unit resident, Katy is a true asset to the collective.



Born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish-Russian family, Max Havé alias DJ SAAB93 always had an affinity for music in general. In his early youth he got into the lo-fi House spectrum by virtue of 80'/90's hip hop, that soon became his go-to genre.

Through the intuitive ambition to share his preferred kind of music, he eventually co-founded a DJ collective, a project that goes by the name of KOLLEKTIV GRAU.

The motivation behind his work is to create an unparallelly atmospheric night experience which should be, in his eyes, a norm in contemporary club culture.


The thoughtfully selected site of the Kirchberg area provides highly appropriate environments completing the conception of our event, This yet unusual and unfamiliar space enfolds imposing architectural structures that form the spatial setting of the night.