Casino, LAGERKULTUR╱ Opening Night of Luxembourg Art Week

08 11



Luxembourg, Rue Notre Dame

Both Casino Luxembourg and LAGERKULTUR will host the Opening Night of the Luxembourg Art Week 2019 on November 8th, featuring Elias Mazian, Figure Section and DJ SAAB93.




”As a kid, music could give me the feeling of going into a time capsule where nothing else mattered” says Elias Mazian, and that is something he tries to convey in every DJ set he now plays.

The Dutchman has a Moroccan background but grew up in the Netherlands and is now a firm fixture on the capital’s club circuit.

Elias openly admits to being passionate, emotional and sensitive, and it shows in his DJ sets which take inspiration for the music around which he grew up – Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder – as well as from more contemporary flames like Omar-S, Zip and Beautiful Swimmers.


To date he has played venerated night spots like Concrete, Sub Club, Le Sucre, Institut Fur Zukunft, Nitsa, Objekt Klein A and many others.


Figure Section arose from the meeting of Austrian-French musician and actress Olivia Carrère - aka Olive - and Belgian artist and producer Yannick Franck (RAUM, Orphan Swords, Mt Gemini), who first crossed paths on a theatre stage in Brussels.
Initially working together on scores for plays and performances, these first collaborations revealed a dynamic of liberating creativity between them. Subsequently bonding over a mutual appreciation of Cold Wave, Synth Pop and EBM, the inception of a duo rooted in chemistry and complimentary fascinations became a compelling pursuit.

Although founded on an acknowledgement of these styles, their execution is experimental, idiosyncratic and entirely modern in spirit, guided by an intent to revise their influences and an approach shaped by romanticism and a surreal, Dadaistic sense of humour.


Born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish-Russian family, Max Havé alias DJ SAAB93 always had an affinity for music in general. In his early youth he got into the lo-fi House spectrum by virtue of 80'/90's hip hop, that soon became his go-to genre.

Through the intuitive ambition to share his preferred kind of music, he eventually co-founded a DJ collective, a project that goes by the name of KOLLEKTIV GRAU.

The motivation behind his work is to create an unparallelly atmospheric night experience which should be, in his eyes, a norm in contemporary club culture.


Casino has to count itself among the most captivating architectural structures in the city centre, offering a unique chance to experiment with new concepts that very well may be outside of the usual artistic realm of an established institution.