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Industrial cities, especially those in decay, tend to play host to a melting pot of electronic musicians. As so in the city of Aalst (Belgium), a former textile giant, where Thomas Blanckaert kickstarted a music escapade as Innershades a few years ago. In little time his tracks were picked up by prominent record labels such as Crème Organization, Pinkman and Hot Haus Records, many of which are now of cult notoriety.

Strongly influenced by the pioneers of Chicago & Detroit, Thomas created a sound of his own with dynamic productions ranging from raw house and techno workouts to melodic electro gems. A similar eclecticism can be found in his DJ sets which brim with enigmatic selections that will prick the ears of any avid identifier.

Needless to say, with productions celebrated by tastemakers worldwide, Innershades is one of Belgium’s most exciting new exports.


Jasper Wolff

When attention turns to the Dutch underground electronic music scene, the spotlight rarely falls on those championing the melodic and emotive potential of futurist Detroit techno. Yet scratch beneath the surface and you'll find a new generation of DJs, producers and label owners dedicated to Motor City style machine soul, with Jasper Wolff standing front and centre.

Wolff has been a pivotal figure in Amsterdam's techno underground since the late noughties, when he started to become a regular face behind the decks at some of the Netherlands' most vital and important techno clubs. Thanks to falling in love with underground electronic music at a young age, he already gathered an impressive collection of techno, house records and was already being booked to appear at sizable festivals and clubs.



Born in Luxembourg to a Luxembourgish-Russian family, Max Havé alias DJ SAAB93 always had an affinity for music in general. In his early youth he got into the lo-fi House spectrum by virtue of 80'/90's hip hop, that soon became his go-to genre.

Through the intuitive ambition to share his preferred kind of music, he eventually co-founded a DJ collective, a project that goes by the name of KOLLEKTIV GRAU.

The motivation behind his work is to create an unparallelly atmospheric night experience which should be, in his eyes, a norm in contemporary club culture.

Rotondes is a one-of-a-kind venue consisting of two abandoned railway roundhouses. The cultural centre hosts events that range from performing to visual arts, as well as numerous conferences, group projects and workshops for all ages.